About Us

Why are we here? What is our mission?

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the tools for BOTH content creators and businesses to succeed in the digital era of the 21st century. It is our mission to build relationships between creators and brands in a healthy and easy manner so they can work together and expand their social media influence, and their revenue streams.

What Do We Do?

Puron Digital is a premium talent management agency that works together with brands and creators to find ways to generate alternative streams of revenue, and to take advantage of marketing opportunities within digital media. We specialize in the management, monetization, promotion, and protection of digital assets. By building close relationships between brands and creators, we take a unique approach to how we conduct our services and we're able to offer services and support creators and brands in ways that traditional marketing agencies and "YouTube Networks" simply fail to do.

Also, since this is a frequent question, it should be noted that while we provide many of the same services as a YouTube Network, we are no longer one as of May 2016 (we used to be) due to YouTube's new Sub-Network policy. Although we may pursue this in the future. However, those seeking YouTube partnership should still contact us if they are seeking one, as we can still lead creators in the right direction through our affiliations.

What is Our History?

Puron Digital was founded in March 2014 by two young entrepreneurs named Thomas Burleigh (former President) and Nathan Saliagas (former Chief Executive Officer). They started Puron Digital with the dream of allowing content creators on YouTube to build careers through the platform. Together, working with their technology partner Freedom!, Puron Digital built a YouTube network that would exceed over 30,000,000+ Monthly Video Views at it's peak. Puron Digital had over 700,000,000 Total Video Views in September 2015. Don't believe us? Click here

With their dream finally becoming a reality, Thomas and Nathan worked together, and merged the majority of the YouTube Network portion of their business into a new company known as Zoonix. Zoonix had acquired it's own CO (Content Owner) account, and at it's peak, aggregated over 300 Million Monthly Video Views on the YouTube platform. In February 2016, Thomas resigned from Zoonix. After negotiating with Nathan, Thomas assumed control of Puron Digital.

As of November 2016, Thomas Burleigh, together with Jason Martone and Shane Johnson, are working to reform the company. With a re-newed focus on working with brands and creators, there is a high expectation that the company will, for the second time, revolutionize the digital media industry.

Puron Digital Limited

Puron Digital is an online media company specializing in the growth and development of influencers and brands.